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CRM in your Pocket

Makolet Saleshub is an online platform for marketing, tele calling, sales and business teams. It is a one-stop solution  to manage the lead or customer information like quotes, invoices and also will help to make management decisions that improves your business growth.  It is a CRM solution where you can capture, manage and make informed decisions.

Why Makolet Sales Hub?

Why Makolet Sales Hub?

  • Role based Access System.
  • Custom integration with external business systems.
  • User friendly interface .
  • Mobile Responsive.
  • Lead management was an excel based solution, scattered around multiple sources of truth.
  • It is time consuming, results in duplicate data and is error prone.
  • Manual interventions for data sharing between different teams within the organisation.
  • Data reliability and authenticity concern.

Real-Time Issues in Industry

  • Lead management captured in paper and excel, scattered around multiple sources of truth.
  • Data reliability and authenticity concern.
  • Manual interventions for data sharing between different teams within the organization.
  • Management Information is time consuming, error prone and manipulative.

Who needs Makolet SalesHub?

  • Sales Team
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • Tele Calling Team
  • Top Level Management
  • Finance Team


  • Customer Contacts
  • Quotes
  • Email Capture Datasheet
  • Companies Valid Datasheet
  • Sales Representative Reports Sheet
  • Companies
  • Invoices
  • Companies Datasheet
  • Call Scheduling Sheet
  • Deals
  • Lead Generation Sheet
  • Tele Calling Report Sheet
  • Sales Representative Assign Sheet

Add On Features

  • Appointments (APTS)
  • Business Dashboards / Reports (BDR)
  • Recycle Bin (RB)


We outlines the total money that an organization
needs to spend on it's marketing


5 license with 2 admin and 3 contributor license (min license to be sold)
₹ 18,000/m
Server Hosting Cost is included


10 license with 2 admin and 8 contributor license (additional license available at ₹3000/license/month)
₹ 35,000/m


Have specific requirements for your business? We will develop exclusive features for you.
₹ 6,500/PD

Custom Development Project Process

The process includes planning, designing, developing and deploying to create products with greater regularity, efficiency and with supreme quality. We leverage the project process from its initial idea to conception.

Step 1

  • Capture Business Requirements
  • Document Business Requirement Document (BRD)

Step 2

  • Evaluate BRD
  • Estimate budget for use cases
  • Submit Budget for new Feature

Step 3

  • Provide walkthrough of functional solution
  • Explain the basis of Budget
  • Clarify any queries from client

Step 4

  • Client approval for commencement of project
  • Signature on contract and Statement of Work (SoW)

Step 5

  • Commitment fee payment by client
  • Project work commencement
  • Track project to closure